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We are dedicated to

continued innovation in the provision of real solutions for business in Africa.

We believe that the

African market presents significant opportunity for growth and development

Our core values are

Empowerment: Equal opportunities for all Sustainability: Efficient and effective operations


Welcome to Virtual Technology Services

Virtual Technology Services is a proudly Namibian company that is committed to the provision of solutions on the African continent; we believe that the African market presents significant opportunity for growth and development. We are dedicated to continued innovation in the provision of real solutions for business in Africa. We recognise that the needs of our clients are unique, diverse and often changing, as such we aim empower our clients with technology solutions for improved service delivery, greater efficiency and competitive advantage in their respective industry.

  • Merchant Acquiring
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Universal Issuing of Payment Tokens
  • Card solutions (Design, Production, Personalisation, Packaging, Smart And Non-Smart Cards)
  • Membership and Loyalty Programs
  • Electronic Voucher Distribution
  • Mobile, Community and Non-Traditional Banking Solutions
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